5 Pin Bow Sight: Buying Advice & Top 5 Reviews for 2018

In the world of archery and bow hunting, accuracy is of paramount importance. However, as an outdoor sport, there are many factors outside of one’s control that can interfere with an otherwise perfect shot—wind speed, poor lighting, trembling hands, or poorly-judged distance. That’s where bow sights come in, which are tools designed to improve an archer’s accuracy.

Do you want to find out how to get your hands on the best bow sights on the market in 2018? In this review, our archery experts tested out various competition and bow hunting sights to find out which 5-pin sight is the best available. Read on to discover where you can find them, and what unique benefits each can offer an archer.

Bow Sights 101

Before getting started, it is important to first distinguish between the various kinds of bow sights. Although they differ regarding aesthetics, build design, and purpose, their functions are precisely the same—they all help improve alignment and aim at long distances and provide more reliable accuracy than peep sights.

Fixed Pin Sights

These days, fixed pin sights are the most commonly found variety of sight found on a bow. Fixed pin sights feature a set number of pins, usually between one and five, that corresponds to the distance that you are shooting. Typically, the uppermost pin corresponds to the closest range while the lower pins are for long-distance targeting.

Since these pins are fixed in place, there is no need to constantly readjust them throughout your hunting or shooting session. Instead, you set the pins wherever desired to suit the distance you expect to be shooting and then fire away until your next session. If you know that you will be shooting from 50 yards, the benefit of fixed pin sights is that you can simply install one 50-yard pin and enjoy the rest of your session without any hassle.

Move able Pin Sights

Move able pin sights only feature one pin, which is vertically adjustable. For easy adjustment, housing systems allow for simple sliding of the pin to wherever the shooter sees fit. These sights are slightly more complicated because they require the use of white tape and a graduated scale (found on the sight) to line up the pin with the desired distance.

Competition Sights

If you have the money, competition sights are always a great item to include in your archery repertoire. This is because competition sights are highly accurate and feature the most sophisticated aiming technology. Like move able sights, these are adjustable and customizable, but they can include more than just pins, including classical scopes, cross hairs, and lasers.

15.2-5 Pin Bow Sight Buying Advice & Top 5 Reviews for 2018

Our Top 2018 5 Pin Bow Sights

Five-pin bow sights are the ultimate in convenience and customization, especially if you have to adhere to a strict budget. Featuring five non-adjustable pins that correspond to target distances (i.e., 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 yards), this bow sight allows for simple personalization and pinpoint accuracy.

Trophy Ridge React Por 5 Pin Bow Sight


Price Rating: $$$

The Trophy Ridge React Por 5 Pin Bow Sight is one of the finest 5 pin bow sight units available in 2018. Made by the archery experts at Trophy Ridge, this bow sight is made with bright fiber optic yardage indicators measuring less than ⅕” each for the most precise shot possible. Worried that weather conditions might throw you off? There’s no need to worry—this sight is equipped with indicators that compensate for environmental factors.

You might enjoy this bow sight if you need a highly technical and precise 5 pin bow that is functional in all-weather climates.

 Black Gold Flash Point Rush 5-Pin Bow Sight


Price Rating: $$

Right-handed shooters will love the Black Gold Flash Point Rush 5-Pin Bow Sight, which boasts some of the most impressive accuracy-maximizing technology in the industry. Made by the professionals at Black Gold, this bow sight has a super durable X-Frame base that is rugged and powerful yet light to the touch.

The ultra-premium Level Head sight ring allows for easy adjustment and secure mounting. However, we recommend upgrading to the optional Big Dog sight ring if you want to use a ring guard compatible with over sized peeps.

Trophy Ridge Peak 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Peak 5 Pin Bow Sight

Price Rating: $$$

The Trophy Ridge Peak 5 Pin Bow Sight closely matches the React series of 5 pin bow sights in terms of function, but with a vastly different build design. This bow sight is designed to provide clear and unobstructed views of targets with vertical in-line pin technology. In our experience, we prefer using these colorful vertical pins instead of the horizontal ones.

The Peak series of fixed pin bow sights are optimal for reducing vibration. If you happen to have unsteady hands, the Ballistix CoPolymer System provides fantastic motion reduction while keeping the sight feeling as light as a feather.

 DerBlue 5 Pin Bow Sight


Price Rating: $

If you want a 5 pin bow sight unlike any other, the DerBlue 5 Pin Bow Sight might be the option for you. This fixed pin bow sight is made of lightweight aluminum and generic fiber optic pins like most other sight systems. However, its aesthetic is unique in that it has a minimalist design and a dual-pronged pin lineup for faster pin adjustments than regular fixed pin sights.

Regardless of whether you own a right or left-handed bow, the DerBlue 5 Pin Bow Sight has a patented wind-compensation system that accommodates both. In our view, this makes the DerBlue one of the best value 5 pin bow sights on the market.

Spot-Hogg Wrapped Tommy Hogg MRT 5-Pin Bow Sight


Price Rating: $$$

The Spot-Hogg Wrapped Tommy Hogg MRT 5-Pin Bow Sight ranks among the greatest in the world. Although pricier than most other fixed pin bow sights, this bow sight features multi-ring technology to ensure maximum versatility when shooting. Plus, the intelligent ring system provides self-adjusted lighting to make sure you can shoot with ease regardless of lighting conditions.

In our experience, the Spot-Hogg Wrapped Tommy Hogg MRT 5-Pin is a can’t-lose solution for long, medium, and short-range bow hunting and competition shooting. For maximum personalization, we recommend keeping all three optical rings on hand when shooting with this sight.

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