Best Shotgun Sights in 2018 With Our Recommendations

Are you looking to purchase your first shotgun sights? It can be hard to know where to begin, even if you have a strong background in hunting and firearms.

Whether you enjoy a trip to the shooting range or are serious about hunting, there are many reasons why you might want to improve your aim with the help of shotgun sights. A sight may not be able to fix poor form or improve your concentration, but they can help you find the best aim and overcome environmental factors such as high winds.

Several different gun sights can help you in different ways, including iron sights and rear sights, reflex sights and laser sights.

In this handy guide, we will go through each of the above options and their distinctive benefits, along with a suggestion for a well-reviewed, buyer-approved sight to help with your shopping.

Reflex Sights: UUQ Tactical Holographic Red and Green Reflex Scope

Price Range: $$

Reflex sights are often a popular choice for short or middle-range targets, and they usually use a red dot as a guiding point for users. These sights are often used in military and police settings and are commonly depicted in media portrayals of military gun use. They are known as a very effective option that matches relative accuracy with speed and are an excellent choice for moving targets.

For about $50, you can have a holographic reflex sight with a four-star approval rating. Like many newer, high-end reflex sights, this product uses holographic effects as a powerful tool to optimize aim. The product uses both red and green dots to identify targets and is both lightweight and 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof making it an ideal option for hunting trips.

It also comes with a built-in mount, leaving no need to re-zero during the remounting process, therefore saving users time and hassle.

Finally, this product comes with an impressive twelve-month warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction or your money back.

Iron Sights: Marmot Flip-Up Sights

Price Range: $$

Sometimes called “open sights,” iron sights are popular and common options that generally come with any firearms. These sights are primarily found on the end muzzle of a gun, with a gap in the middle and two rear sights.

Although many firearms will already have an iron sight, they can be replaced or changed. For example, many gun owners might make the switch to Marmot flip-up sights because of their reputation for durability and effectiveness.

Made with aircraft grade aluminum and made with precision and CQB apertures, it is no wonder that the product does well with buyers, earning consistent five-star reviews.

If you are looking at a classic sight or have found yourself no longer satisfied with your current shotgun sight, this is an affordable and reliable option for replacement.

Rear Sights: UTG Sub-Compact Rear Sight


Price Range: $$

Designed for shotguns and .22 rifles, this rear sight is a compact option that offers adjustments for wind age and elevation, allowing for increased accuracy.

Rear sights are essentially iron sights that are closest to the breach of a firearm. In certain cases, rear sights will use telescopic lenses to help with distant shooting. The UTG Sub-Compact product, however, is a more affordable and straightforward sight that offers basic adjustment options and reference lines to assist in zeroing. Altogether, an efficient and compact option for the gun owner looking for a solid and effective sight replacement.

Fiber Optic Sights: Hi-Viz Narrow Magnetic Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight

Price Range: $$

Despite being within the same price range of the iron sights listed above, the fiber optic sight certainly looks a lot different.

As the name suggests, the Hi-Viz fiber optic sight utilizes light to significantly increase visibility. Of course, this sight does offer so much more than a small green light. This sight is a practical and magnetic option and one that fits any type of gauge, making it versatile and diverse.

Essentially, fiber optics are created when glass or plastic are drawn through an aperture, creating a very fine and thin material. In terms of shotgun sights, fiber optics are a unique material because of how they interact with light.

Although there is a lot of interesting science behind fiber optics and their most popular uses, all that is important to know is that they are incredibly effective as reflecting lighting and are viewed as one of the best kinds of sights available.

Laser Sights: Tactical Hunting Red Laser Sight

Price Range: $

The final sight option we will look at is the laser sight.

Laser sights are very accessible and effective options and are great for any gun owners who might struggle with traditional iron sights, given their lack of support when it comes to visibility. People with poor sight might benefit from laser sights the most, but anyone can use them as an easy and efficient way to improve on aim and accuracy.

This red laser costs under $20, but provides a foolproof, hunter-friendly solution to troubles regarding sight and aim. It is also shockproof and comes with a universal clip—making it an affordable win-win product, regardless of the firearm you are using.

Finding the Right Sight

For many people, finding the right sight is all a matter of personal preference.

However, there are cases in which high-visibility options, such as laser sights and fiber optics, offer distinct benefits that traditional iron sights cannot. If you are struggling with your vision, or find your accuracy is deeply affected by low-light conditions, it may be time to retire low-visibility sights for something that works better for you .drty7

If you do not know what sight is best for you, consider starting with iron sights, as most firearms will already have a perfectly sufficient one. From there, you can decide which elements of iron sights work and do not work for you and consider which options may be able to address these problems.

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