Black Gold Bow Sights: Best Models and Reviews for 2018

Let’s be honest: archery is not always the most physically attractive sport out there. From the camo apparel to all the mud stains, archery is a sport that can be both very fun but muddy and far from stylish at the same time.

Unless, of course, you are using Black Gold products. A major manufacturer of crossbow accessories, Black Gold is a brand known for its unparalleled “bombproof” durability, super high-tech features and slightly intimidating names (such as “Widow Maker” and “Dial-of-Death adjustment”). But regardless of the slightly unnerving product names, the reality is that Black Gold products work, and they work well.

They also have a unique, attractive appearance. Most of their bow sights have a distinctive fluorescent ring that offers both practical brightness and a sleek look. The products benefit from their simple but attractive designs, making them the ideal option for any bowhunter looking for brands that know how to create practical and powerful tools without sacrificing the stylistic elements.

Below, we have a list of numerous Black Gold products that are available on Amazon and getting great reviews from verified customers. Regardless of your specific budget, skill level and bow sight preferences, you will almost certainly find a product that’s right for you and your needs:

18.2-Black Gold Bow Sights Best Models and Reviews for 2018

Black Gold Widow Maker Archery Bow Sight


Price Range: $$$

The name “Widow Maker” may be intimidating for some archers, but ultimately, this bow sight is one that is very accessible and easy to use. On Amazon, the bow sight is close to $300, but it seems to be worth the high price, considering the product has a solid five-star average for reviews.

Despite being advertised as “bombproof,” this product is lightweight and comes with a Level Head sight ring that is easy for anyone to adjust, beginners included. This five-pin bow sight has a highly durable and protective PhotoChromatic shell, ensuring it will be a long-lasting purchase that will be in use for years to come.

Black Gold Rush Five-Pin Bow Sight

Black Gold Rush Five-Pin Bow Sight

Price Range: $$

With consistent five-star reviews that rave about this bow sight’s brightness, precision,and classic design, it’s hard to go wrong with this popular five-pin bow.

If you are interested in fixed pin bows rather than adjustable ones (where in most cases, there is only one pin, along with sight tape for measurements), five-pins are often the best place to start. They are the most popular and common fixed pin options and offer the most options for taking aim.

As with any fixed pin bow sight, there will be circumstances in which you will need to aim higher or lower, as your target is in between the distinct yardages of your pins. However, more pins ensure more coverage, leaving you more likely to find the best shot without all the guesswork.

Black Gold Rush Three-Pin Bow Sight


Price Range: $$

If a standard fixed five-pin model is not your preference, but you also do not want to make a complete switch to an adjustable single-pin bow sight, this might be the product for you.

Three pins obviously have fewer options for archers to select from regarding sighting, but it also means less clutter in your sight range, which many archers can use to their advantage.

Another advantage this bow sight offers is the fact that each pin can be micro-adjusted. With most similar products, special tools are required to make even the most minor adjustments to fixed pins, and in some cases, changes cannot be made at all. The adjustable nature of these pins is a plus for the multi-pin user who does not enjoy sacrificing their control over their bow.

Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5 Pin


Price Range: $$$

This five-pin bow sight is a product that matches quality with sleekness and style.

This very high-rated and well-reviewed five-pin bow sight comes in at a much higher price than some of the other five-pin models on this list. This is partially because the Ascent Verdict model comes with several special features, including the so-called Dial-of-Death adjustment system.

According to the manufacturer, this is a hyper-accurate adjustment system that is designed specifically with bow hunters in mind.

It also comes with not one, not two, but a whopping 54 sight tapes, so that you can find the absolute best option for you.

Black Gold Ascent Verdict 1 Pin

Black Gold Ascent Verdict 1 Pin

Price: Range $$$

Archers who prefer the control and carefulness that comes with movable single-pin bow sights are not forgotten on this list.

In the same product series as the five-pin model described above, this product is aided by a highly durable shell and a unique Dial-of-Death adjustment system that ensures accuracy above all else.

This product comes with a very high level of adjust ability, making it perfect for the archer who likes to be in control. If you do not like the idea of gizmos and gadgets doing part of the work for you, then you can be comforted knowing that this product gives you complete power over everything for sighting to factoring in wind age and other conditions.

Unlike many move able products, this bow sight works quite well with one-piece quivers, providing an added bonus for archers who do not want to have to choose between the two products. 

MBG Rush Sight with BigDog Guard 2” Five-Pin Bow Sight


Price Range: $$ 

The last product on our list, this bow sight offers an interchangeable fluorescent, as well as an impressive peep alignment that helps ensure optimal accuracy, even in low-quality light conditions.

Ultimately, this bow sight is an example of everything that the Black Gold brand does best: it matches style and practicality. Its fluorescent sight ring makes for a distinctive and stylish appearance, but also improves the peep sight and optimizes visibility in any lighting situation.

Additionally, its sleek outer core is also incredibly durable and compact, making for a product that will look good and last a long time.

Overall, it’s a win-win situation for any hunter who is looking for products that work well and add a bit of flair to their bow.

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