Bow Sight Lights: The Top 5 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2018

When it comes to bow hunting, it is perhaps just as important to have reliable accessories as it is to have a high-quality bow.

One of the most important bow hunting accessories is the bow sight. These small but powerful tools can help bow hunters ensure an accurate shot, even in harsh and unpreferable circumstances.

Although some bow sights have LED lights already built-in to the product, many do not. In this case, your bow sight might become ineffective as soon as lighting conditions become less than ideal.

Luckily, the solution is simple and often affordable: invest in a bow sight light as an easy add-on accessory. Bow sight lights are small, lightweight accessories that are often designed to fit a wide range of bow sights. They can be used to provide different levels of light depending on your needs throughout the day and can help ensure you make the best possible shot every time.

19.2-Bow Sight Lights The Top 5 Reviews & Buyer's Guide for 2018

Bow Sight Lights 101

At first glance, many bow sight lights may seem like simple and straightforward products to shop for. After all, many models are quite similar in terms of shape, size,and design.

However, there are different factors to look out for in a bow sight light. For example, universality is key, especially in cases where you cannot find a bow sight light produced by the same company that made your bow sight.

Some bow sight lights are designed only to fit a few certain products, often bow sight lights produced by the same company. Others, however, are compatible with a wider range of brands. This allows any archer to know that they have a reliable LED light, even if they use new bows or need to replace their bow sight.

Bow sight lights can often be a more affordable bow accessory, with prices ranging from under $10 to well over $40. Although a super cheap bow sight light may be an alluring idea, it is important to consider one thing: batteries.

Virtually all bow sight lights are powered batteries, many of which can easily be replaced. However, some models will come with backup batteries, which may be a reason why the product is a little more expensive than competing brands.

This is one of many reasons why Amazon is a superior place to shop for bow sight lights over buying in-stores or online directly from manufacturers. Amazon offers detailed product information right on the product page, allowing you to quickly compare key details (such as size, weight, and whether replacement batteries will be included in the purchase).

Amazon also has customer reviews which allow shoppers to compare how buyers really felt about the product after ordering it. In most cases, reviewers have been verified product buyers, ensuring that you can trust the legitimacy of these reviews.

Below, we have five of the highest rated Amazon bow sight lights, some of which are Amazon Prime products. If you are looking for a durable bow sight light, but do not know where to begin, this is a great starting point:

Fiber Optic LED Sight Light ⅜-32


Price : $

This product is an affordable yet durable three-setting rheostat light with an impressive four-star average for Amazon reviews.

Simple and practical in its design, this battery-operated violet LED black bow sight light fits a ⅜-32 thread. It also features three settings to address different levels of light intensity. With the simple twist of a dial, this product can adjust your bow sight throughout the day as lighting conditions change.

The best part is that this accessory is far from unaffordable, coming in at under fifteen dollars.

Archery Universal Fiber Optic LED Sight Light


Price : $

With a four-and-a-half star average for Amazon reviews, this bow sight light is truly a product that balances affordability with quality. This product is one of the most affordable on this list at under ten dollars, but that has not stopped verified Amazon users from raving about its effectiveness.

Some of the reviews have reported a longer shipping period that they anticipated, but once they received the product, it was durable and effective enough to warrant a generous five-star review.

Less than three inches in length, this product is small and portable, and most importantly, universal. The product’s Amazon page boasts that it is compatible with any universal bow sight, including the most popular brands such as Truglo, Trophy Ridge and Copper John.

This LED compound TP101 bow sight light will fit a ⅜-32 thread.

Truglo Tru-Lite Xtreme Adjustable Sight Light


Price : $$

This Prime-eligible, ultra-lightweight product is produced by one of the most respected and reliable brands in the bow hunting market. It might be a tad more expensive than some of the other products on the list, but with five-star reviews from verified buyers, this violet LED light from Truglo is a durable, reliable choice.

Buyers have applauded the product’s range, as well as its easy adjustments and lightweight qualities.

Trophy Ridge Rheostatlight


Price : $$

Another trusted brand, Trophy Ridge is a leading manufacturer of bow accessories. For under $20, this bow sight light is straightforward, simple in design and lightweight. This product is compatible with bow sights produced by Trophy Ridge, but it may not be compatible with other brands.

On top of including a super-powerful LED light for optimal lighting, the product also comes with three long-lasting batteries, making it a handy and convenient option.

Safari Choice Archery Hunting Bow Sight Light


Price : $$$

If you do not mind the idea of splurging a little on your bow accessories, this might be the choice for you.

This bow sight light sells for around $40—which is fairly steep considering bow sight lights can often be purchased for under $20. However, this product has yielded great reviews from verified Amazon customers, with most reviews being five stars.

This light is adjustable with three different settings and is compatible with virtually every major bow hunting brand, including Truglo, Trophy Ridge and Cobra.

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