Best Bow Sight: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Top 5 Reviews for 2018

Whether you are an avid hunter or you simply enjoy practicing archery in your spare time, it is likely that you are still looking to up your game and hit that perfect bulls eye every time you pick up your weapon.

With the ever-growing availability of products online, it can sometimes feel overwhelming when looking to make a choice. Whether prefer to use a recurve bow, compound bow or other type of bow, you have to think about which bow sight do you for your individual needs.In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 bow sights of 2018 to help you figure out which bow sight could be ideal for your budget and requirements by providing five different bow sights, a little information about each of them, their best features, and the overall verdict, including a key of how it could affect your wallet. We hope you find this guide helpful in navigating the vast sea of bow sights!

5.2- Best Bow Sight The Ultimate Buyer's Guide & Top 5 Reviews for 2018

Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight


Price point: $$$

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight is constructed from stainless steel and the amazingly hard-wearing Ballistic Co polymer. It comes with a tool-free micro click wind age, which has numerous elevation adjustment settings. It’s mathematical precision technology automatically adjusts all five pins to sit in the ideal position for target accuracy.

Best feature: The Trophy Ridge React Pro’s best feature has to be the third axis adjustment which means that severe angles and long distances are no match for it.

Verdict: This bow sight has many excellent features but overall this is a good bow sight for both beginners and advanced users looking to purchase a high quality, good looking piece of kit. The materials that make up this bow sight will provide for many years of indoor and outdoor use because is it enormously hard wearing.

TRUGLO Range Rover Pro LED Bow Sight


Price point: $$

The TRUGLO Range Rover Pro LED Bow Sight is so called because of the LED functionality. It has a yardage bow pin sight that is fully adjustable and is possible to set at a variety of settings, depending on the distance of the target. TRUGLO is one of the best hunting and archery product manufacturers in both industries, so users can rest assured they will be buying a quality piece of equipment. The LED light allows for precise aiming and there are 11 brightness settings.

Best feature: The lightweight construction of this bow sight means it does not affect the weight of the bow.

Verdict: The TRUGLO name carries with it a good reputation and shooters are likely to be very happy with their purchase. It weighs only 1.4kgso is light in weight and convenient for most shooters. What’s more, it is very easy to mount as well as remove in order to reach the desired adjustment. It is designed for use by right-handed shooters.

TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Sight

TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Sight


Price point: $$

The TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Sight includes a handy micro push-button LED light so that users can adjust the light in varying visibility conditions, thereby helping them to achieve the perfect shot. It is a great all-around bow sight for beginners and advanced users as well as both left- and right-handed users. This design is one of the first archery sights to be constructed from its specific material and it provides unparalleled durability and strength. This bow sight has a unique metal pin design which allows for improved usage. The extra length bracket also allows for increased sight radius.

Best feature: You will be pleased to know that this bow sight is designed for both left- and right-hand users.


The TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Sight is a lightweight piece of equipment. However, even though it is light, it is solidly built and users will find this a sturdy addition to their kit. The TRUGLO name is also synonymous with quality so users will not be sorry with their purchase.

HHA Sports Optimizer Lite King Pin


Price point: $$$

The HHA Sports Optimizer Lite King Pin has a wheel forward design which means that it is perfect for mounting any one-piece quivers. It has a brass rack which has been precision made to give users an uber smooth operation. This bow sight enables the shooting of more than one arrow at once due to its interchangeable wheels. It includes a sight tape magnifier.

Best feature: The smooth and quick changes, and the ability to shoot more than one arrow at a time, which is sometimes required depending on the circumstances.

Verdict: Without being biased, this bow sight has been voted the top single pin bow sight for all distances up to 100 yards so we think you’ll be happy with your purchase. Overall, this single pin bow sight is of a high quality and has one of the best and most precise views available with any single pin bow sights on the market. It’s a versatile piece of kit which is adjustable to provide a clear sight long distance and has many easy-to-use features ideal for the beginner.

HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-XL5019 Fiber Optic Bow


Price point: $$$$

The HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-KL5019 Fiber Optic Bow is most certainly one of the most versatile single pin bows on the market today. It has a sturdy construction and due to its excellent quality, it will likely keep its precision in the long run. It is made with the Mathews Harmonic Damper to ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum, depending on the distance.

Best feature: There is not one particular feature that stands out above the rest, rather all the features of this bow sight are high quality and should all be noted as best features.

Verdict: This product carries with it a lifetime warranty so shooters can rest assured they’ve made a high-quality purchase from a reputable brand.

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