CBE Sights: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to archery sights, the Custom Bow Equipment (CBE) line of products ranks among the very best on the market for both hobbyists and enthusiasts. Boasting an impressive range of carbon and hybrid bow sights, CBE has quickly gained a reputation as being one of the industry leaders in the world of archery and bow hunting.

Do you want to find out more about this world-class archery equipment company? In this guide, our bow experts go over everything there is to know about CBE, their company history, and what makes them and their products unique. For your convenience, we will also provide links to some of their hottest sight products and throw in some buying tips while we’re at it.

20.2-CBE Sights Everything You Need to Know

Why Choose CBE

If you want top-quality bow competition sights or accessories, CBE is your go-to source. For years, CBE has manufactured and distributed 100% Made in the USA bow hunting and archery equipment. Known for their Tek-Hybrid and Tek-Target sights, CBE backs all their products with a “Can’t Beat It” guarantee which protects every item for its lifetime.

In our experience, CBE sights have won us over for their easy adjustments, rugged durability, and pinpoint accuracy. You do not need to do much research to find out that the top archers at tournaments and competitions around the world tend to use CBE sights more than any other brand—a testament to the superior quality of CBE sights and accessories.

Innovative Products

CBE offers a host of archery-related products that specialize in different aspects of your shooting game. Best of all, each product is based on patented proprietary technology developed by CBE product designers and engineers, so you know it is not a copycat re release of any company’s product. Here are some of CBE’s leading products, listed by category.


CBE’s class of archery stabilizers are precision-made weights that are mounted onto a bow to increase instability, lessen extraneous movement and sway, and heighten the accuracy of the shot.

  • TorX Hunting Stabilizer Kit
  • TorX Stabilizer Quick Disconnect
  • TorX Target Stabilizer
  • TorX Hunting Stabilizer
  • TorX Stabilizer Mount

Hunting Sights

Although this product line is markedly smaller than their others, CBE’s hunting sights help line up your kill. Their sights include fiber optic bow sights, multi-pin sights, and electric sights that are available in a range of bin configurations and setups.

  • SL-4 Sight
  • TL-3 Sight

Competition Sights

If you need to hit a bulls eye target with pinpoint accuracy, you need a competition sight. These sights allow for fast targeting and simplified viewing, which makes accurate shots easier and faster than a hunting sight.

  • Vertex 3D Rapid Travel
  • Vertex 3D Micro Click
  • Vertex Target

U.S. Patent Numbers

Unlike some other archery equipment manufacturers, CBE is committed to innovation and bleeding-edge innovation to improve their products and push the industry forward.

In our view, this makes CBE one of the best bow sight companies on the market, since many of their rival brands simply release carbon-copy reiterations of equipment that other companies have already produced.

Instead, CBE works overtime to ensure that their products are at the technical forefront of the industry, as evidenced by their list of U.S. Patent Numbers:

  • D632,356: Design patent, CBE smart mount with multiple holes (TL3)
  • D624,983: Design patent, CBE smart mount with multiple holes (SL4)
  • D632,356: Design patent, CBE smart mount (EX5 Elite Sight)
  • D624,983: Design patent, CBE smart mount (Tek Hybrid)
  • D632,356: Design patent, CBE smart mount (Tek Hybrid Pro Smart Mount)
  • D624,983: Design patent, CBE smart mount (Sniper Pro XD Smart Mount)

Our Favorite CBE Sight Products

Interested in shopping for some of the world’s best bow hunting and competition shooting gear out there? Below, we have written quick reviews of some of our favorite CBE sight products, including housing accessories and stabilizer weights.

CBE Non-Vented Scope Housing 1 ⅝” Green RH


Price Rating: $

The CBE Non-Vented Scope Housing 1 ⅝” Green RH is one of the finest scope housing units for bow hunting and target shooting. Regardless of whether you own a CBE-branded sight, you can still benefit from owning a CBE housing piece, because they are compatible with any sight within its measurement range.

When we first held this scope housing in our hands, we were impressed with the detailed, machined aluminum body. Better yet, we were glad to see that pin mounting is available from both the top and bottom of the piece. Shooters that like to look like professionals when they shoot will be happy to know that this piece includes a threaded retainer ring and a sleek, black anodized finish.

CBE Tek Hybrid Pro 1 Pin Housing Archery Sight

CBE Tek Hybrid Pro 1 Pin Housing Archery Sight

Price Rating: $$$ 

The CBE Tek Hybrid Pro 1 Pin Housing Archery Sight is a landmark achievement in the world of competitive archery. When we first started using the CBE Tek Hybrid a few years ago, we were simply blown away by how lightweight, intuitive, and accurate this competition sight is. Plus, if you are like us and tend to be a finicky shooter, you will be glad to find out that this sight features tool-less adjustment everywhere except for the dovetail.

Featuring stainless steel bolts to prevent rusting and weather damage, this sight is among the best on the market for longevity and durability. One of our favorite aspects of this sight is that you can adjust pin brightness too, so you can always get a clear view of your cross hairs.

CBE TL3 3 Pin Housing RH .019 Sight

CBE TL3 3 Pin Housing RH .019 Sight

Price Rating: $$ 

If you want to maximize value for your money, the CBE TL3 3 Pin Housing RH .019 Sight is a great option. At an affordable price point, this sight boasts 3-pin housing and ⅕” Rhino pins for added security and stability. Best of all, this CBE sight has laser hash marks which make it a breeze to adjust the pin while shooting.

Like the Tek Hybrid series, this is a fully weatherproof archery sight that is equipped with stainless steel hardware to prevent rain damage. If you need a middle-of-the-road competition sight solution for your archery setup, we recommend checking out this sight today.

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