Dawson Precision Sights: Everything You Need to Know

Whether it is for function, aesthetics, or both, there are a lot of great ways to upgrade your firearm. One common place to start is with the sights. Everyone from amateurs to professional competitive shooters can benefit from some sort of sight upgrade.

There are many types of sights and many brands to choose from, so if you are making this decision, then it can help to dive into a single manufacturer to understand what they have to offer and how they can help you. One of the most respected and trusted brands in sights, especially competition ready sights, is Dawson Precision. You will be hard pressed to find a competition shooter who has nothing but positive things to say about these sights. They are also quite accessible for the everyday shooter.

Dawson Precision does one thing,and they do it well: sights. They make a few configurations of the front and rear sights that include fiber optics or night vision. The key is that they specifically tailor these sights to fit each manufacturer’s sight cut sand this means that the fit is perfect. You should be able to replace the sights yourself with the aid of the included removal and installation kit as well as the many instructional videos that can be found online.

If you have any concerns or questions, there is an extensive FAQ on Dawson Precision’s website. Their customer service is also extremely responsive and can walk you through any troubleshooting you may need.

So, what exactly can you get from Dawson Precision? These are the main configurations of sights that they have available.

25.2-Dawson Precision Sights Everything You Need to Know

Dawson Precision Glock Fixed Competition Sight Set – Fiber Optic Rear & Fiber Optic Front


Dawson Precision Glock Fixed Competition Sight Set - Fiber Optic Rear & Fiber Optic Front

This kit has fiber optics on both the front and rear sights. They are CNC machined from bar stock carbon steel for both strength and fit. There is a 3 degree back angle on the blade to reduce glare. These sites use a deep notch in order to give a better visual reference for quicker and more precise wind age alignment. The front sight is red fiber optic material while the rear sight is white. This contrast can help you focus more easily and quickly.

The rear sights also have a rounded off design in order to prevent snagging and promote a smoother draw. This three dot sight is the most commonly available configuration that is found on defensive pistols. The fiber optics are usable in a variety of light conditions, and certainly are an upgrade from basic black or metal iron sights.

Dawson Precision Glock Fixed Competition Sight Set – Black Rear & Fiber Optic Front

Dawson Precision Glock Fixed Competition Sight Set - Black Rear & Fiber Optic Front

The design of these competition sights is very similar to the set with fiber optics on the rear sights, but this configuration specifically has blank black surfaces on the rear sights. While three dot sights are great for the average shooter, and especially for those whose eyesight may be compromised by biology or age, they are not the best for quick shooting. The speed at which one is able to draw their weapon and acquire the target can be crucial both in competition and defense situations. By replacing the back sight with a black surface, the front dot can more quickly be focused on. The high contrast also makes it easier to stay focused on the front sight.

Dawson Precision Glock 43 Fixed Carry Night Sight Set

Dawson Precision Glock 43 Fixed Carry Night Sight Set

While fiber optics do a great job of collecting light in low light situations, they are no match in the darkness for sights that are made specifically for night vision. These are very low profile and repeat the rounded design of other Dawson Precision sights to prevent snagging and smoothly become part of the gun they are installed on. The tritium glows brightly in the dark,and there is a larger brighter white ring on the front sight in order to make it easier to pick up. Tritium sights will not last as long as fiber optics, but if you need to frequently be able to use your sights in the dark, there is no better option.

Dawson Precision Glock MOS Fixed Co-Witness Sight Set – Black Rear & Fiber Optic Front


Dawson Precision Glock MOS Fixed Co-Witness Sight Set - Black Rear & Fiber Optic Front

With this sight set, Dawson Precision has taken their base model and adjusted the height for a specific purpose. There are several preferred red dot sights that competition shooters will frequently add to their arms, and this set of sights is designed to co-witness with them. This particular set of sights is meant to co-witness with the RTS and STS red dot sights by C-More Systems, as well as with other scopes of a similar base.

While that might initially seem like overkill, there is actually a good reason to co-witness a fiber optic front sight with a red dot. Although C-More Systems makes high-quality products that are unlikely to fail, if there were ever a situation where the red dot failed or broke the redundant Dawson Precision sight would be right there and locked into the right position to retain your correct aim. Co-witnessing the two sights also has the added benefit of being able to quickly re-zero the red dot sight if it ever needed to be changed or removed.

As with the rest of Dawson Precision’s fiber optic sights, the front sight is red. This color is specifically chosen because it can be seen better in a variety of light settings and tends to stand out better among different backgrounds. The rear sight is black to not distract from the combined front sight and co-witnessed red dot sight that one would presumably also have installed.

You will notice that all of the example sights here are made for Glocks, but as mentioned before, Dawson Precision makes their sights specifically for each manufacturer. If you are not a Glock owner but like what you see, then you should be able to find it for your specific firearm as well.

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