Spot Hogg Bow Sights: Top Models & Reviews for 2018

The search for the best bow target sights in archery is a never-ending quest among hunters and archers around the world. Pioneering companies like Spot Hogg are continuously adding new and improved bow sights to their range, which means you will be spoilt for choice when you come to make a purchase.

Equipping your bow with a good quality sight is going to make a big difference to your shooting ability. A good bow sight should always be completely and easily adjustable, ideally with tool-less micro-wind age. It should be capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions, as well as having the number of pins that you are most comfortable with.

The majority of western hunters prefer to use a single-pin bow sight, as it allows them to focus on their target without the clutter that multi-pin bow sights cause. Spot Hogg has taken this into account and many of their top-rated models are single-pin sights.

Here is our pick of the best Spot Hogg bow sights of 2018.\




Price range: $$ 

The Tommy Hogg has been on the market for a while but it still remains top of our list for the best bow sight models of 2018. It is a solid and durable for hunters of any skill level and offers unrivaled clarity. Spot Hogg, who are leaders in the field of bow sight technology, recently updated their design of the Tommy Hogg model and it now boasts a range of new features.

  • New MRT guards and purple yardage pointer for heightened precision.
  • More versatile: you can choose a double pin configuration if you prefer.
  • Extremely tough and durable.
  • 2nd and 3rd axis included.
  • Micro-adjust wind age and elevation.

One particularly good feature that stands out about the new and improved 2018 model of the Tommy Hogg is the fact that it is built to take a battering from anything the weather can throw at it. Made entirely from aluminum with a robust mount, complete with the new purple yardage indicator. The only downside is that it is slightly heavier than other sights as it has been built to last.

Peep alignment in every lighting condition you can imagine is another noteworthy feature, which is made possible by the multi-ring technology incorporated into its design. The perfect accessory for anyone who is searching for a quality bow sight that is easily adaptable to any scenario.

Spott Hogg Fast Eddie


Price range: $$

A firm favorite among st hunters is the Fast Eddie bow sight. While it is slightly lighter than its big brother, the Tommy Hogg, it benefits from the majority of the same features. The Fast Eddie model depends on its inbuilt MRT technology to deliver supreme aiming accuracy. A double pin scope is also available, making it an excellent choice regardless of what you are used to. Equipped with a 2nd and 3rd axis and a micro-adjust wind age system, the Fast Eddie features all of the required adjustments for hunting in any environment.

Here are a few of the features we especially like about it:

  • Very durable, yet still light in weight.
  • Good value for money.
  • Comes in a range of different styles.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • MRT technology for enhanced peep alignment.
  • Excellent long-distance capabilities.

The Fast Eddie offers you all of the features that you could ever imagine. Unlike the Tommy Hogg, the yardage adjustment is completely silent when you change it—perfect for camouflaging yourself when your prey is in sight! This bow sight is another of Spot Hogg’s models that have been around for a while but has been redesigned to make it even better. The yardage knob now has a much better grip and the yardage pointer is much superior to the previous model.

One disadvantage is the fact that you can only mount it to your bow using the singular set of holes it has. Therefore, adjusting the sight closer to or further from your riser isn’t possible but the long mounting bracket makes up for this.

Wrapped Hogg Father

Wrapped Hogg Father

Price range: $$$

Possibly one of the toughest bow sights available on the market today, the Hogg Father is designed for those who like to hunt hard and fast. An incredibly precise sight that has been designed to satisfy ever hunter’s needs, the Hogg Father doesn’t disappoint! Its stunning features include:

  • Removable dovetail sight.
    •Equipped with a quick-release knob making it quicker to mount and take off.
    •2nd and 3rd axis with micro-adjustment settings.
    • Wind age and elevation are tool-less.
    • Hardened Rail Designed Technology provides a superior dovetail.
    • Sight marks are spread making it easier to read yardage.
    • Engraved sight scale.
    • Sight tapes are included.

While it’s true that the Hogg Father is one of the more expensive bow sights, it truly is worth it. We haven’t found another sight that features such amazing features. That said, some people have reported that it is a little too weighty for their liking.

Final Thoughts

Spott Hogg are undoubtedly the leaders in the field of making quality bow sights for archery that always demonstrate avant-garde technology, as well as being almost bomb-proof! While their products aren’t the cheapest on the market, you get exactly what you pay for. They offer premium sights that have become extremely popular among hunting connoisseurs. If you are just starting out shooting with bow sights, then their products will serve you well and teach you to be the best in your league.

The Hogg Father is our sight of choice and it’s going to be one of the best investments you have ever made. Its super silent and each aspect of its build with regards to mechanics is mathematically precise. Attaining yardages is fast and simple, which is exactly why you want a bow sight in the first place.

If you are the kind of person who likes to stick with what you know, then this sight will last you a lifetime and provide you with solid quality and functionality. This is a top-end product, which will yield top-end results.

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